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        Atomy was founded in Korea in 2009 modestly with just a few products. Now it is second largest networking company in Korea just behind Amway and its growth rate was 50% in 2015. Most of products are health and beauty related and more products are continuously added to its lines. Its headquarter is in Korea and has subsidiaries in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada, Cambodia and USA and Atomy plans to open subsidiaries in Malaysia in 2016 and the Philippines and Mexico in 2017.
        Despite the fast growth, the basic principles of Atomy has not changed: offering the best products at lowest possible price. You will be amazed at the price and the quality.
Atomysales is not commercially affiliated with Atomy Co., Ltd.  We have made this site in order to provide  information about Atomy and its products  and direct you through the membership process should you wish to buy Atomy products.
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